The Consumer Legal Remedies Act (“the Act”) protects consumers from unscrupulous businesses. The Act prohibits vagueness, unfair business practices, and deception by declaring unlawful "methods of competition and unfair or deceptive acts or practices undertaken by any person in a transaction intended to result or which results in the sale or lease of goods or services to any consumer".

Consumer Legal Remedies Act

The Act is a great equalizer because it allows consumers that suffer damage as a result of a practice declared unlawful to obtain actual damages, a court order requiring the business stop the unlawful practice, restitution of property, punitive damages, court costs and attorney's fees, and any other relief that the court deems proper.

If you feel that you have suffered from an unlawful business practice and have suffered financial damages please contact The Gwynn Law Firm, PC.

Lemon Law

California's Lemon Law protects consumers from all the headaches of purchasing a lemon. A vehicle purchase is often one of a consumer’s most expensive purchases. It is the state of California’s policy that the consumer should not have to bear the financial ruin from the purchase of a lemon. As such, the Lemon Law allows consumers the right to sue dealers and manufacturers of defective vehicles. If the dealer is unable to repair a vehicle under the warranty after a reasonable number of repair attempts the law requires that the consumer be made whole which could mean a new replacement vehicle, a full refund, or a partial refund of the money you have paid! Further, the law provides for reimbursement of license fees, tow fees, and other out-of-pocket repairs, interest on your loan, DMV fees, rental car fees, and attorney's fees.

Lemon Law Representation

The Lemon law basically covers any vehicle designed for the road: cars, trucks, motorhomes, trailers, 5th wheels, boats, and motorcycles. The law covers new and used vehicles sold with the balance of the new car warranty. Used vehicles are also covered by the lemon law if the manufacturer extended the original factory warranty (as in the case of most sales of certified used vehicles) or if the dealer provided the consumer a warranty.

Please keep in mind that the defect or malfunction must substantially affect the vehicle's use, value or safety. Minor defects are not covered. If you believe you purchased a lemon and have suffered financial damages please contact The Gwynn Law Firm, PC.

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